"It seems easier for women to come out. Apparently, it is more delicate for men who play a team sport. It is high time that a male homosexual role model spoke up."
Daniƫlla Somers, World Champion Thai Boxing
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10. Equal Opportunities in Flanders and the Football+ Foundation coordinate the monitoring of the action plan.

In 2014, Equal Opportunities in Flanders will appropriate funds to hire someone to coordinate the implementation of the action plan within the Football+ Foundation. His or her tasks will be in line with the broader diversity policy to be further developed by the Football+ Foundation in cooperation with the Royal Belgian Football Association.


In the context of the present action plan this person will:

  • monitor the concrete initiatives set out in the action plan, such as the adjustments to internal rules of procedure
  • give the training developed in the Toolkit
  • serve as a contact point for complaints relating to this action plan
  • regularly consult with various stakeholders, such as the Football Unit of the Federal Public Service Home Affairs
  • collect and publicise any relevant information (news reports, studies, campaigns,...)
  • build networks, set up partnerships, and coordinate and harmonise initiatives