"Football is the most accessible of all sports and the engine of integration. When you enter the pitch, all differences disappear and everyone works together to win. It is this thought which the Pro League considers of paramount importance and continues to promote: to jointly take part in a sport where everyone feels welcome and everyone is equal. These past years we put in great efforts, together with the clubs and different partners, to realise an open climate in football, with respect for diversity. In this context we also want to pay attention to sexual diversity. In the end, it does not matter whether you are gay or straight: players, supporters, staff,...everyone is welcome in football, just the way they are."
Stijn Van Bever, Pro League
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Football+ Foundation acknowledges sexual diversity as an element in the social exemplary role of football clubs.

Football+ Foundation is the social pillar of and for Belgian football. The organisation works together with the Football Federation of Flanders, the Royal Belgian Football Association, as well as the Pro League. Through their actions they encourage football clubs, amongst others, to fulfil a societal exemplary role.


Football+ Foundation addresses homosexuality in football in its communication strategy and in its role as a support centre.

It shares it expertise on how to openly debate homosexuality in football with football clubs. It advises and assists football clubs that have questions about this theme or want to take action against homophobia.