"Football is a male sport and when you are gay, it is very difficult to admit it openly. Everyone should be allowed to be themselves."
Patrick Kluivert, former Dutch professional footballer
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03. Homosexuality is more openly debatable at every level of football.

This action plan is intended to have the subject of homosexuality debated more openly within federations, clubs, club managements, supporters' groups, etc. Not just through the campaign, but also via the communication channels of the federations and football clubs. They lead by example by devoting attention to discrimination on the grounds of sexual identity in their own communication, in view of the realisation of an open and tolerant club for all.


  1. The different partners help disseminate the campaign.

  2. The Toolkit is promoted through the communication channels of the partners:

    1. Football+ Foundation places the Toolkit on its online platform of good practices.
    2. Websites of Royal Belgian Football Association, Football Federation of Flanders, Royal Flemish Football Association, Flemish Sports Federation, Fluitje van een cent (referee organisation), Panathlon Flanders, Sports Department of the Flemish Government,...
    3. Newsletter Sport for All (Sports Department, Flemish Government).

  3. The website gives clubs and club managements tips on communication, support, parental involvement, etc. These guidelines will be screened in terms of sexual diversity.

  4. Dynamo project: During the interactive workshop ‘R.E.S.P.E.C.T. in your sports club’ it is examined more closely, among other things, what assistance or support is required in serious cases of intimidation, discrimination, bullying, alcohol abuse, vandalism and potential violence. This in-service training also deals with respect for people of different sexual orientation.

  5. Equal Opportunities in Flanders will frequently provide input for communication about homosexuality in football through the websites and newsletters of the partners, Twitter and other social media.