"It is now more important than ever that as many gays as possible come out in football. We must break the current taboo on homosexuality in the macho football world."
Gabriƫl Papanikitas, referee
player 7

07. The coach training tackles discrimination, and in particular discrimination on the grounds of sexual identity.

The Flemish School for Sport Coaches offers training programmes for coaches. Apart from the sports technical part, the initiator training also provides for a "General Part Initiator" with a subject "Teaching Methods".

Within this component of the training a number of specific target groups are discussed in greater detail. A sheet on homosexuality was included in a compilation of ten sheets. This sheet discusses, among other things, homonegativity in sport, tips for the initiator, guidance for LGB sportspeople, etc.


  1. The current sheet on homosexuality will be updated and publicised via the Toolkit. In this way we want to encourage coaches to present the topic in an interesting and interactive manner.

  2. The topic is frequently integrated into the teachers' weekend of the Flemish School for Sport Coaches. This weekend brings together 30 to 50 teachers of the coach training programme. By touching upon the theme in an interesting and interactive manner on this occasion as well, we hope to create a trickle-down effect to the coach training programmes.

  3. The Flemish School for Sport Coaches examines how the social dimension of sport can be additionally highlighted during Coaches Day. It is looked into how actions can be spotlighted in the context of the present action plan, besides other social themes, such as sport for people with disabilities, deprivation and diversity.

  4. The theoretical part of the training at the Flemish Trainers Association (Royal Flemish Football Association) elaborates on the issues of diversity and discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation.